Over the past three months we’ve been out and about looking for the best Sunday roasts in Manchester. We know there are some worthy contenders in the suburbs but we restricted our search to the city centre, otherwise we’d have been tasting all year.

Traditionally consisting of roast beef, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, lots of veggies and gravy, not much has changed with this winning formula since way back when families would leave their cut of beef in the oven before going to church of a Sunday morning so it would be ready to eat when they arrived home for lunch.

Our scoring system is based on food, comfort, service and value. Where overall scores are the same, we have given priority for the mark for food. Where the scores for the roasts are the same, we have judged on the overall meal including starters and desserts.

So without further ado, we present in true Top of the Pops countdown-style our Top 10 Sunday roasts.

10Abel Heywood

9Evelyn’s Café & Bar



6Dukes 92

5Sam’s Chop House

4Grill On The Alley

3Tariff & Dale

2Mr Cooper’s House & Garden by Simon Rogan


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