erotic fiction comedy show evulvalution

Jenny May Morgan, aka Pamela DeMenthe, the doyenne of erotic fiction, lands at The Lowry next week with her brand new erotic fiction comedy show eVULVAlution.

After pursuing a tedious 12-year career in the nuclear energy sector, she was chomping at the bit to get her teeth around something that would change people’s lives for the better.

“I knew I was destined for greater things,” she says. “Call centres are a hotbed of erotic writing material and ideas began to form in my brain. When I got the offer of compulsory redundancy, I knew it was time to take the leap and embark on the career I’d always dreamed of.”

In her first year, following a two-week writers retreat studying under the tutorage of erotic fiction guru Raul Fernandez, she was off “like a speeding erotic fiction bullet train.” That year, she wrote 28 books.

Now she’s attempting that notoriously difficult 29th novel. And she’s coming to Manchester to enlist our help.

The premise? A hilarious time travelling prehistoric romp set in Hull.

She’s getting primal, looking to the audience to help ease her writer’s block in this interactive storytelling comedy.

The show starts next week – and we’re giving away two pairs of tickets to a couple of lucky readers.

All you need to do is head over to our Facebook page and engage with the post below to be in with a chance of winning.

Winners will be announced on Tuesday 2nd April.

Tickets are on sale for Pamela DeMenthe’s erotic fiction comedy show eVULVAlution now. Catch it at The Lowry on 4th/5th April.


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