Jonny Bongo and the guys Pic Jack Kirwin

Look at the weather. Just look at it. Doesn’t it make you want to jet off somewhere hot? Somewhere you can sit on a beach with a margarita. If it doesn’t stop soon we’ll all be scuba diving down Oxford Road and going home by lifeboat. If you’re in a funky rut and missing the sunshine, there’s plenty going on around the city to get you out of it. But better have your wellies and waterproofs at the ready. Just in case

Here’s this weekend’s three to see in no particular order.

1Victoria Baths 80s Weekend

2The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

3Bongo’s Bingo at Albert Hall

Pic Jack Kirwin

Eyes down to win cash prizes, crap prizes and all kinds of craziness. Bongo’s Bingo is back for the summer at Albert Hall. It’s the bastard child of traditional bingo and rave complete with dance offs. Join host Jonny Bongo and sidekicks Sweaty Betty and Slutty Sue for one of the biggest nights out in the city. So peel yourself away from the sofa, put your microwave pizza down and head over to Albert Hall for the first game at 9pm. Tickets are almost sold out so if you want to get your hands on one, get them here.

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