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On Mother’s Day, it falls onto our shoulders to do whatever it takes to make sure our mums know that they’re loved.

We give thanks to them and show our appreciation for all of the hard graft they put into our upbringing – and for most people, still do even into adulthood.

After all, motherhood is no easy task.

In fact, the difficult nature of mothering and nurturing children from birth is clearly highlighted by the fact that we have a whole day dedicated to celebrating our mums and the amazing stuff that they do.

So when you’re making your plans on how you’re going to spend the day together, why not start by focusing on making your mum feel as amazing on the inside as she is on the outside?

Manchester free-from cafe

Forget the typical chocolates and junk food – break the cycle this year and do Mother’s Day differently – by booking into 3Squared to share a wholesome meal.

Offering light yet filling foodie options that are all dairy, gluten, wheat and refined sugar-free, Manchester’s first free-from Cafe 3Squared is the perfect shout for some seriously guilt-free brunching.

Give the gift of internal happiness, and introduce your mum to some trailblazing free-from food along the way.

Manchester free-from cafe

On arrival, you can choose from any dish on the exclusive Mother’s Day menu – including some incredible sweet treats, dairy free ice cream and speciality coffee, and virgin cocktails.

And although it’s pretty much an unwritten rule that we should all be looking after our mums each and every day, on Mother’s Day you have to do whatever your mum wants to make her happy. No questions asked. Even if walking around the shops for five hours looking at shoes and handbags isn’t regarded as high up on your list of priorities – it’s only for one day.

Manchester free-from cafe

So in between shopping and spoiling her rotten, why not pop into 3Squared and get the annual festivities off to a positive start with some mouthwatering free-from foods that will leave you feeling much more content than overindulging in some other calorific madness out there.

Providing a calm and tranquil setting for you and your mum to find a bit of peace and quiet, you can enjoy some one-on-one time with each other. And with some great dishes on offer, the only difficult part will be deciding what to order.

And once you’ve treated your mum to a healthy free-from lunch, you’ll be fully fuelled and ready to carry on the retail therapy that awaits, without the feeling of bloatedness, fatigue, low mood or energy slumps.

So your mum can spend less time stressing and more time focusing on what’s really important to her – shopping.


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