Do we need to bring in an army of ants? New York City’s answer… Is it ours?

Litter seems to be an issue in every urban city. The streets fill up with cigarettes, glass, food, trash and only god knows what else! Where does it all even come from and how can we stop it?

“Every year we get over 150,000 enquiries about environmental issues. Things like litter, graffiti, fly-tipping, rubbish and recycling collections are big priorities in most communities. Here’s some great news that will help us make a real difference…” Manchester City Council

We’re sure you’ve seen the sausage cart that popped up a few months ago on Thomas Street in the Northern Quarter. Manchester Councilor Beth Knowles and GMP Officer Andy Costello are encouraging vendors to open up food stalls in our city centre. You may think this would create more litter and waste however, one of the conditions of using this vacant space is that you must take ownership of it and keep it clean!

After spending an afternoon with Beth and Andy, I left with images of an incredible city centre! Not only would this make our city a cleaner place, it would decrease the amount of antisocial behavior which is one of the main sources of litter.

Other projects discussed include a cinema on the rooftop of the NCP, markets, and community green space. I think it’s time the cleanliness of our city is put in the hands of those who are here!

*To get involved with one of these projects or to find out how to help keep Manchester clean email:

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