Home is Where the Heart is Challenge

1 in 81 people in Manchester will experience homelessness: This is something that needs to be addressed.

The person selected to do “The Running Charity Homeless Heart Challenge” will need to create a love heart around Manchester using a gps trace and compatible tracking app – On foot – Dressed in love heart fancy dress costume (costume will be provided by The Running Charity)

The total distance that must be covered is 81 miles and the challenge must be completed within 10 days.

How to apply

  1. Fill out the application form before 1 Sep 2022;
  2. You can apply to as many challenges as you want and the I Love MCR Charity Foundation will determine the candidate taking on the challenge
  3. Wait to be notified by the I Love MCR Foundation
  4. A member of the I Love MCR team will support you throughout your journey and assist in every step of the challenge;
  5. Donate and fundraise* via our official online fundraising partner, Givegain;
  6. Find your inner power, complete the challenge within the allocated timeline and become a champion.

*The challenger is encouraged to spread the word about the challenge to their networks, fundraise and encourage people to donate, however, I Love MCR will be promoting the initiative and helping to gather donations.

Terms and conditions

  • The heart costume will be provided by the Running Charity
  • You can be supported by anyone on this journey
  • The person doing the challenge will need to send in proof of running in the costume and a screenshot of the watch showing 81 miles and an image of the heart they’ve created with their route
  • You will be expected to submit selfies throughout your running journey
  • The person accepting the challenge does it in their own time and the organisers and charity will not be liable in the event of any injuries or extra expenses 
  • You will need to commit to attending a video shoot with I Love MCR to help promote your challenge attempt.
  • A member of I LOVE MCR will get in touch with the person selected and will help coordinate the challenge 
The Running Charity

The Running Charity Challenge

The Running Charity is supported by the I Love MCR Foundation and championed at the I Love MCR Power Awards

Who are we

Homelessness can happen at any time and to anyone. And when it happens to a young person it can affect them for the rest of their life. At least 121,000 young people in the UK are homeless right now and homeless young people almost twice as likely to die as their non-homeless peers. Together we can make a difference.

The Running Charity delivers running and personal development programmes to young people aged 16-25 across Manchester that are affected by homelessness or have multiple and complex needs.

What we fund

We work with young people across Manchester supporting better mental and physical health. We offer quality coaching, in-depth key work support, access to therapy and personal development and wellbeing activities, all aimed at enhancing an individuals’ toolkit to cope better with the adversities they face.

The Charity supports young people to get back on their feet, using a goal setting and reward system to develop the habit of achieving. The Running Charity help young people who may have had difficult pasts make positive decisions about the direction of their future.

Our vision

We believe that young people should not be limited by their circumstances, but instead empowered to realise their potential, with the opportunity to live healthy and connected lives.

Young people join us with a wellbeing score lower than the general population yet leave us with a wellbeing score higher than the general population!