Paul and Nicola Kilroe have extended the services of The Boardroom, their Manchester networking organisation, to include a unique concierge service for restaurant and hotel bookings.

Boardroom members would often ask them at short notice if they could help secure a table in a restaurant that was fully booked, a rate in a particular hotel or a reserved table in a certain nightclub.

Paul and Nicola would happily oblige. But the more it happened the more they recognised that there was a clear need for this type of service.

The result? Members now have a dedicated phone number which is staffed seven days a week with a team of operators managing reservations on behalf of Boardroom members.

The Boardroom began in 2014 as a networking organisation for company directors. As part of their membership, members attend events such as lunch at Manchester House, dinner at The French or a golf day at Mottram Hall which are chosen via a mobile app.

There's no such thing as a fully booked restaurant with this exclusive concierge service I Love Manchester

With  more than 150 members in Greater Manchester and growing, the restaurants are happy to collaborate as they are getting the opportunity to showcase their venue.

95% of Boardroom members are business owners – something which is very rare for networking groups.

Paul jokes that anyone who has ever attended a traditional networking event such as BNI or Chamber of Commerce falls into one of two camps – those who love it and those who run from it like they are running from a burning building.

The Boardroom is as far removed from BNI as can be imagined.

Membrship starts at £77 per month.

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