Everyone and their mum is cocktail mad nowadays. With bars, restaurants and even some pubs beginning to offer up increasingly sophisticated cocktail menus, more people than ever can tell you what goes into a Negroni, Pornstar Martini or Aperol Spritz.

There’s a cocktail for every occasion. Pornstar Martinis for partying, Espresso Martinis for sophisticated after dinner drinks (or partying), Aperol Spritz for warm summer evenings spent waiting for dinner out on a terrace somewhere, Mojitos or Juleps for when it’s so damn hot you need your drink to be 70% ice, Bloody Mary’s or a Snapper for that much needed hair of the dog refreshment. We could go on but you get the point.

There’s lots of great things about cocktails. The main downside, however, comes when you and the squad find yourselves waiting around at a bar that’s three deep. Well not any more. Let us introduce you to the Pornstar Martini tree.

The internet is going nuts for this Manchester bar's Pornstar Martini trees I Love Manchester

The days of waiting at the bar to clink glasses are well and truly over because the Martini tree is hassle-free and brought right to your table for you.

The Living Room in Manchester has sent the internet absolutely nuts this past week with this and we can definitely see why.

They’ve taken Manchester’s – and the country’s – favourite cocktail, multiplied it by nine and put it on a tree for you to share with your mates, hassle-free and brought to your table all in one fell swoop. What’s not to love? And it’s a dream for Instagrammers.

It costs £55 for a small tree of nine – which works out at just over £6 each per cocktail – or £75 for a premium tree of 12 with sparklers.

We think we know where your next night out’s going to be. And considering their viral level of popularity right now, we think it might be worth making a booking before you head there.