We love summer in Manchester. Our city might not always be basking in blue skies and sunshine but, according to a recent BBC weather report, it was hotter than Spain last weekend.

Next week we’ll probably be back to soggy hair and dodging puddles but these past few glorious days of summer weather have got us thinking about basking in the sunshine, Pimm’s and lemonades and sticky BBQ fingers.

So if you fancy kick starting the warmer weather, here are the best barbecues in the city for you to get your grill on.

1King Street Townhouse – Posh Nosh

2Dukes 92 – The Popular One

3 Great John Street Hotel – The Adults’ Playground

4Manchester Smokehouse and Cellar – The One for those Rainy Days

5The Liquor Store – The One to Start the Weekend

Setting up a barbecue and outdoor bar on their terrace every Friday from 4pm, The Liquor Store invite all you hard workers and busy grafters of Manchester along to enjoy some damn fine barbecued food, cocktails, beer pong and the usual quality selection of tunes. Wash away the stresses of the working week with plenty of Moretti and a handmade bacon cheeseburger from the open BBQ. The Liquor Store boasts a cracking outdoor patio with  laid-back decor and all-day sunshine when the weather’s good. You’ll even get a tan. Maybe.

Average £10 per person

6Reds True BBQ – The Super Meaty Smoky One

7Platt Fields Park – The One to DIY

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