Great Northern Warehouse Manchester

Being stuck in traffic is bad enough. It’s not knowing why you’re stuck or how long you’re going to be stuck for that makes it even worse.

Roadside information signs are one of the ways Transport for Greater Manchester keeps drivers informed about roadworks, road closures and anything else that might cause delays or affect their journey.

It’s an important job but, let’s face it, pretty boring too.

So whoever came up with the idea of using the signs to amuse motorists as well as telling them about the unusually heavy traffic on the Mancunian Way or an accident on Chapel Street deserves a medal.

Because now they don’t just inform motorists about possible delays and how to avoid them. They bring a smile to their faces too.

We’ve had music-related messages when there’s a band in town like ‘Train it, ride it, move it, plan it, show us how good you are’ for the Spice Girls. And we’ve had random witticisms like ‘Who ya gonna call? Nobody. You’re driving’.

But some of the best – and cheekiest – messages have been football-related.

We’ve had ‘Pique time will be Messi’ when United played Barcelona; ‘United need three points but you don’t’ when they played West Ham; and ‘Ole’s at the wheel: keep your hands on yours’.

Now they’ve come up with what we think is the best one yet for the match on Sunday when United play Liverpool.

It says ‘When Harry met Salah’ and it’s our nomination for the Best Travel Information Message of the Year award (football category).

Whoever came up with that take a bow. And ask for a pay rise immediately.

PS In case you’re not a football fan and have no idea why it’s clever, Harry refers to United defender Harry Maguire and Salah refers to Liverpool striker Mohamed Salah.

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