Printworks favourite Walkabout has put together its first themed quiz of 2018. It takes place on March 5th and the topic is one any self-respecting child of the 90s or noughties won’t be able to resist: The Simpsons.

The long-running family favourite has had us in stitches for nearly three decades and, over the years, it has uncannily predicted the future more times than we care to recount (ok, we’ll give you one: it predicted the smart watch in 1995).

Over thirty years of broadcasting, The Simpsons has won 31 Primetime Emmy Awards, 30 Annie awards, and a Peabody award. Plus, according to Time magazine, it was the best TV series of the entire 20th century: a century that brought us Friends, The Sopranos, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, of course, TV itself.

Test your knowledge of The Simpsons at this fun city centre quiz night I Love Manchester

With 29 seasons, one movie and over 600 episodes under its belt, the animated series has done it all but how well do you know it?

Get down to the Printworks for 9pm to take part in a series of video, picture and darts rounds hosted by DJ Johnny Gibson that will truly test your status as a cartoon aficionado.

So if you know your Rodd from your Todd, your Kang from your Kodos and your Springfield from your Shelbyville, why not book a booth and enjoy a night of light-hearted competition and Simpson’s nerdiness.

With free entry and boozy prizes for winners and runners-up, you really have no excuse not to get involved – even if you’re feeling a bit skint.


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