Here’s a thing. If, like me, you’re hopeless at getting served at the bar or you always seem to get stuck behind someone ordering cocktails, then Taps Pourhouse is definitely the place for you.

“…unless you’re unlucky, never have to wait.”

It doesn’t help every other bar in Manchester does cocktails these days. Stuck behind a few sloppy women at the bar ordering cocktails, you can be waiting a good forty-five minutes before being served. A bit fustrating when, like me, you just want a pint of strawberry cider. They should introduce lanes at bars – a cocktail lane and a beer lane.

Taps Pour House Reviewed - The Great Wall Of Beer I Love Manchester

At Taps Bar you can take your pick from a selection of fifteen fine beers, lagers and ciders from across Europe at the famous beer wall (including Heineken and the latest addition – Sagres, a delicious golden Portuguese lager beer which I can heartily recommend) and pour your own drinks and, unless you’re unlucky, never have to wait. One day all bars will be like this. They do have an interesting wine menu also.

But you don’t have to be useless at getting served to enjoy the Taps experience. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and, as well as a creative take on the drinking culture, the food’s pretty good too. The winter menu is extensive and includes favourite dishes such as locally reared slow-cooked steaks, seafood and tasty burgers as well as veggie options.

All in all, Taps is definitely worth a visit. And not just for the beer wall.


Taps Unit 1, Great Northern Tower, Watson Street, Manchester M3 4EE


0161 819 5167

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