At the Supersonic Manchester Pride Charity Ball last evening, a pair of tickets to see Kylie Minogue sold for £400. Tickets also went for pop princesses Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga.

the coolest of venues beneath the iconic belly of the Concorde

Colossal homosexual stereotypes aside, money was also raised by way of a tour of Coronation Street (£950), Disneyland Paris Christmas Experience (£1500) and a signed Manchester City shirt (£300). Alongside ticket sales, tours of Concorde and raffle donations, a tremendous amount of cash was made for the charities of Manchester Pride.

In the coolest of venues beneath the iconic belly of the Concorde and in the vast hangar at the viewing park, guests gathered in their black ties and towering heels to celebrate the start of another Proud year.

Supersonic Charity Bash - A Joyful Start to MCR Pride 2014 I Love Manchester

Recently voted the UKs Leading Pride Event, Manchester Pride was perfectly surmised by patron Alicya Eyo who said: “It’s not just okay to be gay, it’s actually brilliant!”

X Factor winner Sam Bailey headlined the evening, and delighted the crowd with her no-nonsense confidence and genuinely funny interludes. Admitting that she always sings with her legs wide-open, she gestured to her pregnant belly and said “that’s how this happened.” She secured standing ovations at the end of every song, with the monochrome dance floor absolutely crammed for her rendition of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know.”

Fantastic big band Twisted Tubes and wonderfully off-kilter Felix Hagan and The Family provided dinner-time entertainment as welcome company to some of the best local ingredients.

Amongst the colourful lights and beneath the world’s most awesome plane, Manchester Pride 2014 set off with a particularly successful and joyful bang.

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