Forget those traditional yoga workouts, there’s a new technique on the block. One that will really chill you out. Literally.

The UK’s longest real snow slope is launching the UK’s first Snow-ga class. Yes, thats yoga in real snow.

Swap your sun salutations for snow salutations, as Snow-ga is the yogi’s answer to combining cold temperatures with downward dog and warrior poses to help boost metabolism and muscle recovery.

Chill Factore has teamed up with yoga expert and former Hollyoaks star Gemma Merna to devise and launch this revolutionary inaugural class.

Photo: Phil Tragen 2019

Donning very glamorous thermals, Gemma put the elite UK netball team Manchester Thunder, which currently sits top of the Superleague table, through its Snow-ga paces, gliding between ‘snow-side crow’ and ‘slope-ward facing dog’ against the sub-zero snowy backdrop.

This latest incarnation of yoga is performed in sub-zero temperatures and is a new global trend that is especially popular in New York. It makes us chilled to the bone just looking at the pictures!

Research shows that cold temperatures cause blood vessels in the skin’s surface and muscle tissues to constrict, forcing blood towards the core, where the body’s natural filtration system works to remove toxins.

This in turn reduces inflammation, eases pain, accelerates muscle recovery, boosts metabolism, increases circulation, and improves sleep.

The cooler temperatures also focus the mind through breathing and meditation, distracting from the extremely chilly atmosphere. Brrr.

Photo: Phil Tragen 2019

Yoga instructor Gemma Merna, who is certainly no stranger to cold temperatures having appeared on Channel 4’s The Jump, said: “Yoga offers so many benefits for your body, mind, and emotional state, and it only increases over time.

“Practising cold yoga means you have to focus twice as hard on your body’s movements and breathing, establishing a deeper mind-body connection, and ultimately leading to a feeling of total wellbeing.”

The Snow-ga session has been devised by Chill Factore to help wannabe yogis work on their flexibility, balance, range of motion, agility and overall strength.

Morwenna Angove, CEO at Chill Factore, said: “We’re thrilled to have created a UK-first by holding a real Snow-ga class.

“It’s definitely made for an interesting and zen-like addition to our already extensive list of snow offerings.”


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