I Love MCR Pink Strawberry Jam Gin

You’ll love this limited edition proper pink I Love MCR Strawberry Jam Gin (700ml 38% ABV). It’s sweet as.


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This limited edition proper pink Strawberry Jam Gin (38% ABV) is hand-crafted in small batches at the City of Manchester Distillery in the heart of Manchester flavoured with a Duerr’s classic strawberry jam.

The craft I Love Manchester Gin is created in a custom made copper still (the Rolls-Royce of stills), infused with botanicals Juniper, Angelica and Orris and a bespoke Duerr’s jam. The result is a sweet and sticky, strawberry jam flavoured gin that is great paired with Double Dutch tonic or as part of a summer cocktail.

The Duerr’s jam is a specially made bespoke product which has been created specifically for the I Love MCR Gin with 66g fruit per 100g of jam, in comparison to original jam which has around 35g

I Love MCR Strawberry Jam Gin has been distilled and bottled exclusively for I Love MCR® at the City of Manchester Distillery, 21 Red Bank, Manchester M4 4HF.

Duerr’s of Wythenshawe are the oldest family-owned jam makers in England and have been making quality preserves to their family recipes since 1881.

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