Ever wondered what’s behind the frontage of that glittery shop on Stevenson Square with the all-seeing eyes?

We have. And this weekend is your one and only chance to see behind the mysterious sparkly facade.

Its proprietor is a former Manchester Met fashion lecturer, designer for Boohoo and occasional consultant for the London Fashion Institute, and she’s opening her doors to the public from Saturday till Monday for an exclusive flash sale of some seriously high end designer clobber – and everything must go.

It’s your chance to get your hands on high end labels like Alexander McQueen, Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier, which usually retail at prices in the thousands, for a few hundred pounds.

Some of the pieces are one-offs that have been personally gifted over the years by designers. Others are from her own collection.

It’s going to be packed to the rafters with more designer labels than you can shake a Cartier love bracelet at.

The pricing structure is simple. You will need to speak to Lizzie directly, and she’s hinted that there’ll be some flexibility for anyone who shows they’ll really love and treasure her pieces.

So fashion enthusiasts, assemble! After all, what more do you want from life than sustainable designer clothing at incredible prices? Exactly.

The luxury flash sale kicks off at 12pm on Saturday and will run throughout the weekend, finishing on Monday evening. Find the shop on Stevenson Square next to the Corner Boy. You can’t miss it – just look for the sparkles.

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