Scream Park UK is a live immersive, interactive experience which sees EventCity, next to the Trafford Centre become the only safe zone from a terrifying Zombie invasion that has hit Manchester! Is EventCity protected, can it keep the zombies at bay? Scream Park UK will run from Thursday 16 October – Sunday 2 November.

The Zombie Apocalypse has begun. There is no escape. It’s too late. They are already here and you are right in the middle of the danger! Manchester is being attacked and only the military stands between the Zombies and the Earth’s annihilation. Prepare for the biggest challenge of your life, where only the best will make it to the other side. Four hours of terror will send shivers down your spine at every turn, with only your wits and the might of the Military to protect you.

Can you survive the horrifying Zombie horde? If you do then you will continue the experience with theme park rides including the Ghost Train and other Devises of Terror to test the bravest hero or heroine around. Use them to keep your spirits up during these dark times. A selection of games stalls, food and drinks will also be available to purchase throughout your stay.

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Recommended Age: 15+

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