Rudy’s creator Jim Morgan has teamed up with Common Bar to launch a brand new pizza concept.

8s pizza will bring a taste of New York to Manchester – serving up 21-inch pizzas to hungry Mancs by the pie or the slice.

But unlike Rudy’s signature Neapolitan sourdough, which is characterised by its very thin base and charred, airy crust, 8s pizzas will look west to the home of the slice – Manhattan.

Image courtesy of Chris Bergin

The New York-inspired base is still quite thin throughout, but with a slightly sturdier base that allows it to be picked up and eaten as a slice.

And whilst technically a classic New York pizza shouldn’t have any flop in it all – the team at 8s are happy for theirs to.

The ideal way to eat it? Folded and in one hand, of course, to leave room for your drink in the other.

Image courtesy of Chris Bergin

They spent a long time in the kitchen experimenting with different flours, fermentation styles, and with chilled and non-chilled dough styles to develop the perfect recipe, launching it with a giveaway of 100 free slices.

Fancy trying it for yourself? 8s will be taking over the kitchen of Northern Quarter bar Common most Thursdays.

39-41 Edge St, Manchester M4 1HW

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