Time is money, apparently. It certainly is at Ziferblat, the first space in Manchester where you pay not for what you consume but for the time you spend there.

Access is via an entryphone. This is the exciting bit- or possibly the disappointing bit- because if there’s no room, you don’t get in.

Upstairs, there’s a big, comfortable sitting room with lots of tables, chairs and sofas in different styles. Sign in, get a clock if you want one, then relax or get on with your work. Or both.

There’s a kitchen where you can help yourself to free drinks and snacks, and more rooms which can be hired for group meetings.

REVIEW: Ziferblat café - time is money I Love Manchester

Ziferblat is perfect for people who like to pay for only what they use. Or people who feel guilty about sitting in Starbucks for hours over a small latte while they turn it into their office. (By the way, Ziferblat must be one of the best free wi-fi spots in the city centre).


23 Edge Street, Manchester M4 1HW




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