Sometimes a theatre gem comes out of left field. “Love me Tender” is one. The audience at last night’s show were definitely all shook up about a new juke box musical starring Mica Paris featuring the songs of Elvis Presley.

‘a funny and moving
tale of hope’

Written by Joe DiPietro, writer of several award-winning West End and Broadway smash hits, this is a funny and moving tale of hope, second chances and the healing qualities of rock ‘n’ roll.

It centres on a small town in 1950s America where a guitar-playing, hip-swivelling stranger named Chad (excellently played by Ben Lewis) rides his motorbike into town and creates havoc with the small town population. The females swoon at his every move, culminating in a cacophony of love that entwines all the characters in a way that is fun, cheesy and inspirational.

Is he a devil in disguise or a hound dog in his blue suede shoes? The townsfolk get all shook up but are they heading for Heartbreak Hotel?

Some of the scenes and songs will tug at your heartstrings whilst others -including one featuring the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacist bigotry-will have you howling with laughter. Whilst looking rather uncomfortable in an acting role, Mica Paris’ superb rendition of “There’s Always Me” alone is worth the admission price.

The chemistry amongst the cast is plain to see with excellent performances from Laura Tebbutt as Natalie the lovestruck, tomboy mechanic, for whom true love is now or never, and Shaun Williamson of Eastenders fame as her doting father.

Packed with 25 of the King’s best-loved songs and brilliantly choreographed by Karen Bruce with an excellent set design, this is a must see. So if you’re a fan of Elvis or Mica Paris, grab a ticket while you can! It’s now or never.

Playing at the Opera House until 13 June

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