Does Manchester need a barbecue style eatery? We already have the popular Southern Eleven in Spinningfields. Does that matter? If there’s already competition, just do it better, I say…

Red’s True Barbecue is already a beloved joint in Leeds. The BBQ den has a ‘faithful flock’ of fans and the concept has arrived in Manchester, siturated on Lloyd Street, Albert Square. Red’s True Barbecue opens its doors on Thursday 13 February 2014, bringing the company’s authentic ‘low and slow’ barbecue cooking concept to Manchester for the first time.

Creating a fine art out of all things carnivorous, meats are marinaded for 24 hours, slow cooked for 21 hours, before you’ve even ordered your dinner. Delivering big-ass burgers, giant hunks of ribs, and enormous steaks to the good people of our fair city – that’s before we even get to the cocktail menu. This new Manchester bar is bringing BBQ back, as their motto goes, Let There Be Meat.

The restaurant’s interior equally delights, showcasing the brand’s provocative and tongue-in-cheek style. Restrooms built in the style of confessionary booths with sliding peep screens, bespoke neon artwork with cheeky religious imagery and a bar designed by graffiti artists.

Clever use of glass walls offer a real visual experience to diners, providing a view of the ‘Pit Masters’ at work in the kitchens and rub rooms, whilst discrete folding doors, cages and steel shutters will allow the restaurant to change its appearance, shape and mood throughout the day and evening.

The 6,050 sq ft restaurant will operate 185 covers, accommodating a further 60 standing in a dedicated bar area, which will feature a stage and DJ booth, offering weekly live music.

How will it compete with Southern Eleven, Spinningfields’ offering? We’ll soon see.

“Like a bolt from heaven it struck Red. The people of Manchester knew nothing of True Barbecue. Of meat smoked low ‘n slow, infused with joy. Of glazes, rubs and sauces so glorious that angels wept… AMEN.”


22 Lloyd Street, Albert Square, Manchester M2 5WA


0161 820 9140


Gallery pictures taken from their website*

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