Raise a glass to the father of American old school tattooing, Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins, at Banyan Bar & Kitchen in the Corn Exchange.

To celebrate his birthday (on 14 January he would be 107 years old), Banyan bar have teamed up with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum – a bold, smooth-as-hell spiced rum inspired by its namesake’s legend – to pay homage to the man himself, offering limited edition cocktails until 4 February – and trust me, this is a birthday party you don’t want to pass on.

First up is The Rose, a floral twist on the French favourite including (of course) Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum, Briotett Rose, guava, lime, jibiscus, vanilla, Giffard Poire William and ginger ale. Don’t let the pretty rose petal garnish fool you. This refreshing remix of a classic packs a generous punch.

If you’re looking for a wake up to die for, The Anchor is definitely the way to go. This sailor’s serve of Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum, Tia Maria, espresso, and caramel syrup with a salted caramel finish is – to say the least – genius.

You’ll be ready to take to the high seas after this one. Even the Banyan bartender who confesses he detests coffee ”finds this classic-with-a-twist concoction irresistible. We did too.

Finally, if tropical is more your thing, ready to sail you away is The Hula. A fruitful homage to Honolulu, Collins’s resting place, that will prove impossible to forget, no matter how many you have.

Mixing Sailor Jerry’s Spiced Rum with cointreau, ginger, pineapple, passion fruit and lavish splashes of lime and almond, every sip delivers a wave of flavours to your tastebuds whilst skipping on the seasickness!

We suggest you go try one of the above – or all three if you’re feeling adventurous – before they disappear.

If you fancy a treasure hunt, Banyan bar is where your booty lies.

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