Unusual first dates in Manchester allow you to avoid falling into the trap of predictability. Getting together for a bit of scran will always be a safe bet, but sometimes you want to do something a little different from a cheeky Nandos and another trip to the cinema.

For those days when peri peri chicken and sweet and salty popcorn just won’t do, we’ve put together a list of places that are sure to woo your significant other. Let’s face it, nothing says ‘I love you’ like letting them win in a game of crazy golf or going in for a kiss under the late night Manchester sky.

8Breakout of a Forsaken room

Let’s be honest, the traditional cabin in the woods scenario is a horror movie classic. It’s a theme that’s terrified couples for years. Girls burying their faces into shoulders, boys pretending they’re not in the least bit concerned. Breakout is the ultimate date night. Teams of 2 – 5 have 60 minutes to escape a locked room using only brain power. So if you’re wanting to test out your date’s IQ before you commit to anything, this is the place to take them. Plus, if there’s one thing that’s sure to earn you a few brownie points it’s breaking your true love out of a Forsaken room. Book in here.

7Karaoke it up at Tiger Tiger

Hit up a karaoke bar and the one on the top floor of Tiger Tiger always makes for a good time. To find out how tone deaf your potential new beau/belle is and gain some important intel on his or her musical preferences, is there any better first date? You can tell a lot about a person from their choice of karaoke songs. Hint: it’s a definite red flag if they choose Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’. Bittersweet Symphony is another story.

4Head up to the Goodlee Observatory

Remember when Ross kissed Rachel at the observatory in Friends and it became one of the most iconic scenes in sitcom history? Even if you don’t, it made many gals fall in love with the idea of being brought to an observatory. Regardless of whether or not your date is a Friends fan, staring at the stars – and then into each others eyes – rarely makes for a bad date.

1Putt your way through Junkyard Golf

Is a date complete if you’re not knocking balls into holes? Get your mind out of the gutter because we’re talking Junkyard Golf. It’s boojie and boozy. The sort of place you can take a date and know you’re in for an all round good time. It takes the golfing concept to the next level, with more courses, bigger and more dramatic immersive environments and a refreshed food and drinks offer. They’re having a venue launch on the 31st August to celebrate their move to First Street so why not get yourself down there? It’s sure to make your date feel like you’re a real VIP. If you want tickets, click here.

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