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Jul 18
Manchester’s first waste food pay-as-you-feel restaurant to open in August

The city’s first restaurant where you pay what you feel your meal was worth is opening…

Jun 05
World Environment Day 2017: Manchester is red, blue and green

World Environment Day falls on the 5th June every year. It’s a day dedicated by…

May 16
All aboard for fine dining – on a double decker bus!

Ever had something to eat on a bus? We’re not talking a bag of crisps or even a bag of…

Jan 05
Manchester Worker Bee: Corin Bell, Director, The Real Junk Food Project Manchester

Stockport-born Corin Bell launched her ‘feed bellies not bins’ Real Junk Food Project…

Dec 20
Real Junk Food launches crowdfunder campaign to open Manchester’s first waste food restaurant

Real Junk Food Manchester has launched a £20k crowdfunding campaign to set up…

Oct 17
Creative approaches to recycling: Manchester’s war on waste

If you’ve been on Oxford Road recently you can’t have missed the eleven giant coffee…

Sep 08
Real Junk Food presents The Binner Party – a fundraising dinner made from waste food

Food waste has a huge impact on our planet and on people. The carbon footprint of food…

May 26
The Real Junk Food Project: making a meal out of waste food

A third of the food we produce goes to waste. The Real Junk Food Project is making a…

Jun 19
How to eat junk food and feel good about it

Manchester’s first ever Disco Soup event comes to the city this weekend.