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Dec 17
This Gatley restaurant has been crowned best vegetarian restaurant in the north

All-vegan Indian restaurant Bhaji Pala triumphed at the Asian Restaurant Awards

Nov 02
Delhi House Cafe is currently offering half price food – but you’ll need to be quick

From now until Wednesday evening, take advantage of half price food at this modern…

Oct 29
Six by Nico’s new menu is inspired by a Bombay kitchen – so what’s it like?

The six course menu mixes classic dishes with modern Indian cooking styles - and it's…

Oct 21
This modern Indian restaurant is transforming daytime dining in the city

Ziya’s great value ‘Indian Tapas’ menu includes chaat, tandoor dishes, Mumbai specials…

Oct 06
Six by Nico announces new tasting menu will be Bombay Kitchen themed

Expect a mixture of classic dishes and modern Indian cooking styles when the new six…

Aug 15
This brand new Delhi-style cafe is redefining modern Indian food in Manchester

A new Delhi-style cafe is opening up in Manchester’s Corn Exchange, bringing an…

Aug 07
A new Indian restaurant is coming to the Corn Exchange this summer

This summer sees the launch of a new restaurant in the city centre: Delhi House Cafe,…

Mar 16
This Indian restaurant in East Didsbury is offering free meals for elderly residents self-isolating

An Indian restaurant in East Didsbury is reminding us why we love Manchester, with its…

Mar 10
You can get an entire roast lamb to share at this Manchester Indian restaurant

Beef, pork, chicken or lamb – which is your favourite roast? I love lamb, but I…

Feb 24
‘Like eating molten lava’ – could you handle Manchester’s hottest curry?

Chilli fiends will know that their searing heat is measured using the Scoville scale.…

Feb 10
National critic picks Britain’s most romantic restaurants – and one is in Manchester

We all have our favourite romantic restaurant in Manchester, whether you prefer…

Jan 20
Bhaji Pala is serving some of Manchester’s best curries – and it’s all completely vegan

Not far from Stockport, the suburb of Gatley is a place on the up, due to its growing…