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Sep 29
Now you can get Dishoom delivered to your door in Manchester

Dishes for delivery include biryanis, ruby murrays and the famous house black daal -…

Aug 28
More meal kits to try in Manchester – from local and national restaurants

While restaurants were closed, we loved trying out all the different meal kits some of…

Jul 10
More Manchester restaurants and bars will be open this weekend

While many of Manchester’s restaurants, pubs and bars began to reopen last…

Jun 26
Missing Dishoom’s bacon naan rolls? Now you can get them delivered to your door

Lots of us are missing restaurants right now – and Dishoom Manchester is near the top…

Apr 23
ManchesterChef: chilli cheese on toast with eggs recipe by Dishoom

Spice up your breakfast routine with a Dishoom dish that's easy to make at home

Mar 02
Pie hard: where to get the best pies in Manchester

“Meat and potato pies,” said poet John Cooper Clarke, without missing a beat, when I…

Feb 21
UK’s best pubs and restaurants revealed at Casual Dining Awards – these are the Manchester winners

Held annually, the Casual Dining Awards are a celebration of the multi-million pound…

Jan 31
The most romantic restaurants in Manchester for Valentine’s Day dining

There are two types of people when it comes to Valentine’s dining celebrations.…

Jan 03
Booze-free pub crawl? Manchester’s bartenders share the best spots for Dry January drinking

Doing Dry January might’ve once made you a social pariah. But that’s not the case…

Dec 02
Alternative Christmas dinners to try in Manchester – bring on the giant pigs in blankets

We all love a Christmas dinner, but there’s so much more to enjoy in Manchester…

Nov 07
Manchester is a haven for vegan food – here’s where to get your fix from noon to night

November is universally celebrated as World Vegan Month; a time where meat-free and…

Oct 04
What’s Manchester’s favourite restaurant and most loved dish? We asked – and you told us

With the eagerly-awaited Michelin announcement on Monday, everyone’s talking…