A new £100K health clinic spearheading the latest treatments for want-to-be parents and those who have struggled with ongoing gynaecological or male reproductive problems, is set to open in Manchester.

Aurora Reproductive Health will bring together a top team of experts in fertility and specialist gynaecology with a proven track record – not just in terms of the success rate of conception but also quality of care.

It means for the first time Mancunians will have access to their unrivalled talent and know-how as well as state-of-the-art treatments in fertility, gynaecology, andrology – the male equivalent of gynaecology – and wellness, right on their doorstep.

The clinic will be headed by Manchester gynaecologist Dr Edmond Edi-Osagie, who is renowned in the medical world for his work in fertility, assisted conception and advanced endoscopic surgery for endometriosis, having established both the Manchester NHS and the only private endometriosis specialist treatment centre in the north west.

“Our aim is to create a healthcare centre that gives the people of Manchester access to the very best treatments with the latest techniques available,” said Dr Edi-Osagie.

“I live here and wanted to give something unique back to the community with affordable access to these medical advances in fertility, gynaecology and male health problems that are not readily available locally.

“Aurora Healthcare is that bridge offering pioneering treatments using the best experts and providing a trustworthy solution that is financially accessible. One in six people have fertility issues and we believe it is the right of everyone to have the children they want.”

The clinic will specialise in fertility assessment and treatment, including IVF, IUI and egg donation, as well as implantation and miscarriage support.

Equally important will be its specialised treatment of painfully crippling female illnesses such as endometriosis, fibroids and pelvic pain through its private endometriosis specialist treatment centre.

“I’m passionate about women’s healthcare and strive to help every woman achieve a functional and pain-free life. As a father of three daughters, I’m aware how these conditions can blight women’s lives and that is why these areas are so important to Aurora.”

Manchester is the second launch in what will be four Aurora Reproductive Health centres in the UK. A clinic is already established in Macclesfield and further centres will open in London and Birmingham.

The King Street clinic, which will offer free consultations to interested patients, is hosting an open day on Saturday, June 3, from 10am to 5pm where you can tour their facilities and speak with experts in confidence.

For more information on the open day, free consultations and treatments available visit aurorahealthcare.co.uk

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