Speculation is mounting that the eagerly anticipated Gravy Bar which is about to open in the Northern Quarter is, in fact, a hoax.

The i expressed doubts yesterday. Today, ManCon decided it is definitely a hoax today without producing any evidence.

So is it a hoax or isn’t it? We’ve no idea but we suspect that it is. That’s why we didn’t publish the story. We smelt a rat (maybe that’s what they were going to serve with the gravy) when they published a picture on their Twitter account featuring a couple of stock cubes.

Now there’s nothing wrong with stock cubes. We have them every Sunday with our roast. But if you’re going to open a place which specialises in gravy, you’re going to have a lot of disappointed customers if you serve them gravy made from stock cubes.

And the menu on their website which features delicacies such as Lost Incan Gravy (a cool £3.50) suggests this place is a bit of a – how you say? – piss-take.

So well done the pranksters (or the PR people) behind The Gravy Bar for fooling so many people. The MEN, Evening Standard, Metro, Huffington Post, Shortlist and Good Housekeeping, not to mention one or two people in our office who shall remain nameless, all jumped on board the gravy train.

And 1712 followers in 3 weeks on Twitter isn’t bad going.

The question that remains is – why did you do it?

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