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Outdoor aka out-of-home media is very important to us. Manchester billboards are one of the main reasons why the I Love MCR® sign has resonated with so many residents and visitors. You can’t miss it and it sticks. That’s why we’ve made the easy decision to invest in OOH media further. Now in the digital age with access to 15 screens across Manchester, it’s even easier to be seen on a big billboard to boost your brand awareness…

The audience

With internationally acclaimed organisations specialising in creative and digital technology, media and professional business services, and more besides, Manchester is an economic powerhouse. I Love MCR® is the facilitator of digital connectivity in the digital and out-of-home aka outdoor media world.


Gtr Manchester population

Greater Manchester is the second most populous urban area in the UK with a population of more than 2.799 million people.


Manchester visitors

Total visitor numbers to Greater Manchester stand at 115 million which generated £7.5bn to the local economy in 2014.


People in employment




Local economy

Billboard locations

Thanks to our media partners, we’ve hand picked locations at the top of the digital out of home market – each has its own individual personality, its own premium audience and unique delivery of not only a creative canvas but integrated technology to go with it.

Trinity Way

24.6m x 5.76m

Billed as the ‘Manchester Media Wall’, this is central Manchester’s largest full motion digital screen. Unique head-on roadside location on Manchester’s busy inner ring road, Trinity Way. Standing at 141.6m2 this premium quality full motion digital screen delivers long sight lines and exceptional impact due to its size and scale.

From £24,995
Other marketing opportunities available

Mancunian Way Towers

7.68m wide by 13.44m high (x2)

Manchester’s Number One Large Format Digital location.

Dominating the advertising skyline on the approach to the city, Two Towers® Manchester reaches a massive audience of over 3.6 million.

Two double-sided synchronised digital screens on Manchester’s busiest arterial route target commuters, local business people and residents travelling on the Mancunian Way.

The iconic Two Towers® digital out-of-home structure gets your brand noticed in the North.

From £24,995
Other marketing opportunities available

The Printworks

13.44m wide by 7.68m high

An iconic full-motion digital screen on an iconic city centre building.

Located on the exterior of Manchester’s well known urban entertainment venue, and opposite The Corn Exchange, refurbished as a new venture for dining, the screen boasts a prime location in central Manchester. Central to the city’s retail district and close to iconic stores Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, it perfectly complements The Screen @ Arndale for targeting the affluent retail market.

This fusion of retail and entertainment is a super-premium platform for brands to engage with audiences.

From £24,995
Other marketing opportunities available

Arndale Screen

18m wide by 4.5m high

Located in one of the UK’s most desirable Out of Home locations – Market Street, at the heart of Manchester’s vibrant retail area.

This high impact pedestrian-facing screen provides a dominant presence for brands on one of the busiest retail stretches in the country. It provides advertisers with the opportunity to use full-motion and interactive content to connect with and influence an active and receptive shopper and commuter audience, with particularly good reach of middle income families and connected youth.

From £24,995
Other marketing opportunities available

Gateway Piccadilly

5.6m wide by 7.1m high

Positioned at the gateway to Piccadilly Station in Manchester, this Full Motion digital screen is an unavoidable digital out of home offering in central Manchester.

The screen is orientated to target pedestrians on the principal route from the city centre to Piccadilly Station. Piccadilly Station is Manchester’s busiest station and the 4th busiest station in the UK outside of London with 25,000,000 passengers per year.

Dominating the junction of Piccadilly, London Rd, Ducie St & Auburn St, the screen targets both vehicles and pedestrians and is in close proximity to Manchester’s renowned retail offering, four 4 star hotels and the cities wide collection of bars and restaurants.

The location has a high demographic profile indexing at 143 v AB adults driven by the business audience that travels through the station daily.

From £19,995
Other marketing opportunities available

Princess Road

12.16m wide by 2.88m high

A striking addition to Ocean’s roadside digital portfolio in central Manchester.

Princess Road, Manchester is the ideal location for targeting commuter traffic travelling into the city centre. This solus large format screen delivers long sight lines and exceptional impact.

Benefitting from long dwell times, situated at a major junction, this is an ideal location to execute campaigns with Ocean’s exclusive Vehicle Recognition Technology.

Well positioned to target traffic travelling from the prosperous Cheshire suburbs, Princess Road connects Manchester Airport to the city centre.

From £14,995
Other marketing opportunities available

Mancunian Way Bridge

12m wide by 3m high

Situated on the busy Mancunian Way, this solus panel marks the top location in Manchester. The large format digital screen, facing head-on to traffic, delivers over 1.6m business commuter and local audience impacts every fortnight. The Manchester Digital Bridge provides an opportunity to create unrivalled impact, as well as dynamic and flexible reach for brands.

From £14,995
Other marketing opportunities available

Portland Street

3.1m wide x 5.76m high

A Full-Motion screen at Manchester One.

A Solus, full-motion, free-standing screen with long visibility lines across North and South Portland Street, one of the city’s busiest vehicular and pedestrian thoroughfares.

The screen is centrally located between Manchester University, China Town and The Gay Village making this one of the most vibrant advertising locations in the city.

From £11,995
Other marketing opportunities available

Piccadilly Gardens

63 sq.m

The Screen @ Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester is an iconic full motion advertising screen. it is visible across the extremely busy Piccadilly Gardens and can also be seen from Oldham and Lever Street. This location offers high dwell time audiences.

It has the most up-to-date digital technology integrated, providing an extremely high profile solution in the commercial, commuting, retail and social heart of the city.

From £8,995
Other marketing opportunities available

London Road

6m wide × 3m high

Situated at the busy junction of one of Manchester’s main arterial routes.
London Road delivers long sight and major impact to traffic travelling out of the city. To the south east of the city centre, this digital location targets traffic travelling toward the Mancunian Way & the suburbs of Ardwick & Longsight.

From £2,400
Other marketing opportunities available

Chester Road

6m wide × 3m high

Located at one of Manchester’s busiest roundabouts. Situated at a major interchange for maximum impact, our new digital location targets traffic south of Manchester city centre, delivering over 1.1 million impacts every two weeks.

From £2,400
Other marketing opportunities available

Arndale Banner

24m wide by 7.1m high

This exclusive banner is situated within the Central Retail District of Manchester, overlooking the primary retail street, Market Street.

From £2,400
Other marketing opportunities available

The Loop Screens

Full motion portrait HD screens

Access to the full network of pedestrian portrait screens which are displayed on loop via 38 screens across 19 locations within Manchester city centre, 24 hours per day.

From £1,499
Other marketing opportunities available

Over a monthly period adverts are shown for 10 seconds every 5 minutes.

Reports and proof of play supported by photographic evidence on request (maximum once per month).

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