Glaucoma is the second biggest cause of blindness in the world. It causes misty, patchy and blurred vision, which can lead to severe sight loss or blindness if left untreated.  The most common glaucoma is a slow condition which can go unnoticed. It is estimated that there are 600,000 people in the UK with glaucoma, half of whom have not been diagnosed.  

The air puff test is used to help detect signs of glaucoma by measuring pressure in the eye.  Throughout the week until Sunday 12 March, the Specsavers stores at Manchester Fort and Manchester Arndale will donate £1 for each customer who takes a puff test as part of a full eye examination. The test is carried out routinely for all customers over the age of 40. 

Supersavers optical director David Bistacchi says: “A lot of people are familiar with the puff test but are unaware of what it is for. We use the test to measure the pressure of the eye which, if too high, can indicate the presence of glaucoma. Early detection vastly improves the chance of saving someone’s vision, which is why I am encouraging everyone in Manchester aged over 40  to make sure they have the puff test as part of a full eye examination if they haven’t had one in the last two years.’ 

Specsavers offers this test as part of the pre-screening process at no extra charge to all customers over 40. IEarly detection means the condition can be monitored and future damage to vision minimised.  

Karen Brewer of the International Glaucoma Association says: “We are delighted that Specsavers are raising awareness of glaucoma in the community. In the UK, it is the most common cause of preventable sight loss, yet many are unaware that glaucoma has no symptoms in the early stages and this is why regular sight tests are so important.” 

To find out more visit your local Specsavers Manchester Fort or Manchester Arndale or call 0161 834 6665.

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