Don’t spend your NYE contemplating 2014’s barmy resolutions watching the queen; instead head to MOJO and P.A.R.T.Y!

From 7pm until very very late, free entry all night (but you know MOJO – they’ll be no floor, table, chair or bar space left after about 11pm so arrive early!)

This year revellers can ensure they have a table to dance on by pre-booking a booth for just £85.00. This includes a MOJO EATS platter for six people and a bottle of bubbly. That’s around just £14.00 per head (bargain) and booths must be claimed by 9pm.


To book a booth click here >>


MOJO bar, Bridge Street, Manchester

MOJO has a tradition that the first song played in the New Year is the biggest song of the previous year and they are seeking your recommendations – tweet or Facebook suggestions at @MOJO_Bar #nyetune.

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