Whilst many new bars in the Northern Quarter are dressing themselves up to look as twinkly as possible, the old Fika site has succumbed to the dark side.

A villainous rebrand for the Lever Street venue promises punters an interactive experience, temptingly cheap food and drink offers and a basement crammed with addictive video games.

The revamped Lever Street venue feels like a cheeky protest against the glam trend that’s been trotting into the Northern Quarter in recent months, offering punters a place to drink, eat and play.

The comfy padded booths survive but are now sandwiched between a dizzying array of gripping gaming machines. Arcade classics, shuffleboard, foosball, pinball and pool tables are all scattered over two tiers low-lit by fluorescent tubes and decorated in graffiti doodles.

As well as boasting a wicked draft beer selection, 7Sins have also thrown a naughty post-work happy hour into the mix featuring £3.50 pints and 2-4-1 cocktails until 7pm.

For foodies, there are devilishly delicious nibbles (including cauliflower wings, halloumi fries and fiery jalapeno peppers all for £5 or less) along with chicken, burger and tofu mains for a simply-can’t-say-no-to-that price of £8.50 or less.

The effect is like a creative vandal has burst in through the doors, dunked the entire venue in a grungy glow and demanded a discount.

Anyone wanting to indulge their sweet tooth will find what they’re looking for, too.
Hard shakes (brownie and salted caramel, mint Aero, strawberry shortcake, screwball) and slushies (watermelon, popcorn, strawberry, amaretto) are available for just £6 each.

With more gaming machines on the way and a bulging brunch menu for those who’ve hit it too hard the night before (there are ten tasty options including a classic Full English, pancakes, waffles and vegan breakfasts), this rascal of a bar has something to tempt  everyone.

By bucking the elegant trend and going back to the area’s roots, 7Sins reintroduces the scuzzy-yet-charming aesthetic that drew party-goers to this part of Manchester in the first instance. It’s the best kind of bad influence.

If you’ve had a rough day at the office and feel up for misbehaving, 7Sins is your spot.

43-45 Lever St, Manchester M1 1FN

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