NHS Nightingale Hospital North West opened in Manchester today to provide care for hundreds of patients with Covid-19 from across the region, less than three weeks since work first started.

The hospital will provide the best possible care for patients with Covid-19 from across the region, and will help save lives.

The NHS Nightingale Hospital North West will provide both oxygen therapy and general medical care for COVID-19 patients who do not need critical care, and can look after up to 750 patients at full capacity. Patients will be transferred from critical care units and wards at hospitals across the region.

Some patients have already been admitted as the hospital opens on a gradual and safe basis over the coming days and weeks.

New NHS Nightingale Hospital opens at Manchester Central I Love Manchester

The new temporary hospital is one of seven to be set up around the country as part of a massive NHS effort to respond to the greatest global health emergency in more than a century.

This extra capacity is on top of the 33,000 additional beds freed up across NHS hospitals – the equivalent of building 50 district general hospitals – and the up to 8,000 beds put at the NHS’ disposal through an unprecedented deal with the independent sector.

“The opening of the Nightingale North West is an amazing achievement and my sincere thanks go to all those in Greater Manchester and beyond who have worked night and day to make it a reality – from construction, logistics, cleaners, Fire, Police and Military staff to medical expertise,” said Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham.

“You truly are the best of Britain. If the rules allowed, I would be at the door to shake the hand of each and every member of staff for the care you are about to give and for the work you are doing.

“Everyone involved in this fantastic facility are history makers and you will always have our respect and admiration for the sacrifices you are making to help our country through this crisis.”

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