The website provides a platform for individuals and businesses offering services from accountancy to Zumba tuition to give a little time to support charity.

“The Wonderful Organisation has been created to allow people to give a little time doing things they enjoy and in which they are skilled, trained or experienced,” says chief executive Kieron James.

“If you’re a piano teacher, we’d like you to become a wonderful piano teacher by giving a little time to support charity. You might do so on a regular basis or as a one-off, but we really believe that time is the greatest gift of all.

“The idea applies to any service. We want to see bumper stickers that read ‘I’m a wonderful gardener’and ‘Find me at stickers in shop windows and on business cards.”

Like other classified listings websites, visitors can search and book online, the difference being that, when a booking is made through the website, every penny is passed to charity.

Our guiding principle is that everybody working for the organisation must do so on a pro-bono basis,” says Kieron. “The Wonderful Organisation itself has no payroll since it has no staff. Everybody is on loan – some permanently, others by secondment.

“We’d like to encourage as many people as possible to get involved. We’ve launched the site but now it’s over to you to fill our directory with wonderful services – all supporting the tremendous work of our charities.”

To become a ‘wonderful’ service provider or for more information visit

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