Manchester has long been asking for a new park, and we’re about to get one.

Sadly, residents petitioning to see the old retail development on Great Ancoats Street transformed into a green community space haven’t been successful so far. But their Northern Quarter neighbours, it seems, have got better luck.

Plans have just been approved to create a new city centre park outside Chapter One Bookshop on Dale Street.

Released CGI designs created by Pen studios look to be inspired by the French formal style – which has symmetry and order at its core.

Manchester is getting a new city centre park in the heart of the Northern Quarter I Love Manchester

They might not be the Gardens of Versailles, but they certainly look amazing, with CGIs showing ornate busts and plenty of lavender and lush greenery trailing down the cafe’s walls.

There will be classically English elements incorporated, too, such as a Victorian glasshouse which will provide indoor seating for 20 and traditional Victorian-style lamposts.

The cafe owners will be transforming the 4,000 sq ft area with extensive planting and trees full of fairy lights, white French-style wrought iron furniture and ornate fencing.

There will be new outdoor seating to accommodate up to 120 people, with extra room for a luxury florist and a children’s play area to keep the little ones entertained.

Manchester is getting a new city centre park in the heart of the Northern Quarter I Love Manchester

Owners also plan to install new lighting and fencing for security purposes.

Given that the area has long had issues with substance abuse and anti-social behaviour, it is hoped that the new park will make it more attractive for locals and residents as well as visitors to the cafe.

The park will be a part of Chapter One café, with public entrances on Lever Street and Spear Street.

Work is due to start soon and personally, we can’t wait. The more green spaces in Manchester the better in our book.

Perhaps this will be the start of a whole new chapter (see what we did there).

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