Salford Quays-based Pack & Send recently posted a life-size replica Dalek all the way to Portugal. Yes, you read that right. A life-size Dalek.

A huge Doctor Who fan had approached them having bought the full-size replica Dalek at auction and needed to ship it to his home in Portugal.

Sadly, the original collector had passed away before achieving his ambition to amass the largest collection in the world.

In recent years, collectable Daleks have sold at auction for upwards of £30,000, making this a very precious package indeed to transport.

Even with its fully functioning antennae and viewing turret, the towering Dalek needed the protection of specialist shippers Pack & Send to guarantee its safe arrival.

Fortunately, their Salford Quays service centre was more than up to the job, ensuring this one travelled in a custom-made crate by road to avoid any risk of extermination whilst en route to its new home.

“At close to two metres tall and large enough for a person to get inside, the packing proved a major challenge,” a spokesperson told us, “and the team did start to feel that having the services of a TARDIS – with virtually unlimited internal space – would be helpful!”

With no voice box present, the Pack & Send reported that the Dalek was quiet on the journey over.

However, its new owner assured Pack & Send employees that this is all in hand and the Dalek will be finding its formidable voice once it has arrived at its new home.

The lesson is that, whether you are a business or an individual and whether you need to pack and ship fragile galactic beings or plain old computers, electronic, laboratory, medical or musical equipment, high-spec industrial machinery, car parts or fine art and antiques, Pack & Send will ensure that your items arrive safely at their destination without fear of extermination.


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