Manchester! Name your favourite dining spots and dishes…

We need you to tell us which are your favourite three places to eat and which dishes you can’t help but order time and time again from the restaurants and eateries across Greater Manchester.

Is it burgers, steaks, a Thai green curry or something else that you dream of at night? Tell us below and help us to create the ultimate map of Manchester’s food scene.

First of all, vote for your top three hands down favourite places to eat – it could be a restaurant, a cafe, a takeaway. If you love it then we want to know about it.

Also, we really want to know which is Manchester’s favourite dish.

When it comes to the best dish we want to know more, so when your votes are in we are going to assemble a crack team of food fans to judge the top ten dishes for themselves.

We are giving eight of you the chance to join our panel of experts headed up by our resident foodie Louise and help us decide once and for all which is Manchester’s favourite dish. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

So if you think you are up to the challenge of tasting a whole load of Manchester’s best food and judging it, just tell us what you would bring to the panel whilst casting your vote below.

Voting will close on Sunday 25th August. Choose wisely…

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