Since the grand re-opening of Krispy Kreme’s Theatre store on Barton Dock Road last month, Mancunians have proven that they can’t get enough of the sweet taste of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

As well as hot drinks, cold shakes and classic soft drinks, the store has sold over 40,000 doughnuts since its re-opening, when it was fitted with sweet new branding, and a totally new look.

And Krispy Kreme have revealed that Manchester’s favourite doughnut is the classic Original Glazed, with the refreshingly different Vimto Ring in runner-up spot.

You can get your hands on the spooktacular limited edition Vimto Halloween range, which includes the Vimto Shimmer and drop-dead-delicious Vimto Ring at Krispy Kreme stores across Greater Manchester.

Also on offer are 16 varieties of delicious, melt-in-the-mouth treats, from the classic Original Glazed to the irresistible Lotus Caramelised Biscoff, with limited edition varieties throughout the year.

“We’re so happy to hear that Manchester locals are enjoying the new-look store and we’re delighted to see our much loved Original Glazed taking pride of place as a fan favourite,” said Krispy Kreme operations director Neil Williamson.

“Since re-opening, our staff have been busy baking up to 40,000 doughnuts a day – it’s great to see them received so well!”

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