Manchester is the city with the average youngest age in the UK, according to research by

They found that whilst the average age in the UK is 40, the average age of people who live in Manchester is just 33 years 2 months, making it the youngest place in the country.

It’s not just the youngest city in the country. It’s also a hotspot for millennials, with more than a third of the population aged 24-42.

But where are all these youngsters coming from and why?

Manchester is the youngest city in the UK - and a hotspot for millennials I Love Manchester

University cities have high populations of under 23s, as this generation covers those who are currently studying at university. And with 50,000 full-time students and a further 50,000 part-time students, Greater Manchester has one of the largest student populations in Europe, let alone the UK.

And according to the latest research, more than half of graduates from Manchester’s universities stay here after graduating – second only to London.

The local music scene is unlike no other, with hundreds of music venues, clubs and stages scattered around the city, just waiting for someone to perform.

Manchester has produced some of the most iconic bands and musicians artists known to man and The Hacienda has become a monument due to its prominence during the 80s music scene.

Manchester is the youngest city in the UK - and a hotspot for millennials I Love Manchester

It’s this history, and music colleges like BIMM and SSR, that makes the city incredibly appealing to aspiring musicians.

As a result of its big student – and non-student – population, there’s plenty to do for young people. The hospitality game has completely changed in Manchester, with bars and restaurants now tailoring their menus and decor towards the younger generation.

Whether it’s playing arcade games or drinking games, these places allow young adults to indulge in their playfulness, whilst enjoying the benefits of being adults and being able to buy a beer.

With so many places in the city following suit, there’s no wonder why so many youngsters are attracted to our wonderful, lively city. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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