With a population of 530,000 and over 140,000 cars on the road, Manchester’s carbon footprint must be pretty high.

And there are now 152 roads in Greater Manchester that exceed the legal limit of nitrogen dioxide – one of the main causes of air pollution and global warming. 

We can’t all just vow to never use a car again – and for taxi companies like Street Cars that would be impossible.

However, we’d rather like to make our city more environmentally friendly and so do Street Cars. That’s why they’ve decided to introduce a brand new fleet of environmentally-friendly cars. 

At the moment, 300 out of their 750 cars are hybrid, using both a battery-powered engine and a petrol drive to reduce emissions and lower fuel consumption. 

Manchester taxi company unveils brand new fleet of environmentally-friendly cars I Love Manchester

They are aiming for another 60 to 100 cars in their fleet to be replaced by hybrids by September and are aiming for an completely hybrid fleet by 2021.

Their latest hybrid model is the Toyota Corolla, which reduces CO2 emissions from 132g/km to 76g/km – that’s almost half!

As well as their collection of ‘green’ cars, Street Cars have also now committed to paperless invoicing, emailing receipts to every customer, and reducing the amount of paper they use by a huge amount. 

“StreetCars are committed to a greener future for a better Manchester, a city that is leading the way and city we love so much,” says Naveed Arshad, director of Street Cars.

And with set fares, an easy-to-use app, and the same metered tariff 24/7, there’s really no need to use any other taxi service. So next time you need a car, maybe skip the Uber and try Street Cars.  

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