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Could this incredible new building become an iconic part of the Manchester skyline?

Manchester Met's cutting-edge library promises to be a soaring addition to the city's iconic skyline.

Manchester Metropolitan University is on the brink of introducing a groundbreaking addition to the city’s iconic skyline: a visionary new library to redefine how we perceive educational spaces.

As a focal point of the university’s commitment to excellence in education and research, this library project is expected to stand alongside Manchester’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Beetham Tower, The Toast Rack, The Lowry, Manchester Cathedral, and the John Rylands Library to name but a few.

The Manchester Metropolitan University Library

Manchester Metropolitan University’s bold plans for a cutting-edge library herald a significant transformation in Manchester’s urban landscape.

Positioned in the heart of the city, this state-of-the-art library is poised to revolutionise the concept of a university library, placing students and their learning experiences at its core.

The Future of Learning?

Renowned architectural firms Hawkins\Brown and Schmidt Hammer Lassen have been commissioned to design this inspiring project.

Known for their innovative and inclusive approach, these architects aim to create a dynamic space that not only serves as a library but also invites students, academics, and the community to collaborate, innovate, and explore.

Christopher Seviour, Partner at Hawkins\Brown, emphasised the vision behind the project, saying, “We were very conscious of designing a ‘living library’ where the book collection is only one of many services offered so that it gives students a reason to stay on campus and make the most out of their university experience.”

Inclusivity and Community Focus

Rachel Beckett, Director of Library and Cultural Services at Manchester Met, expressed her excitement about the project, stating, “Our new library will be welcoming and inclusive, fostering community and belonging.

“It will draw people in and stimulate the creation, discovery, and sharing of knowledge, collaboration, and experimentation.”

Elif Tinaztepe, Principal Partner at Schmidt Hammer Lassen, added, “We reimagine the future library for Manchester Met as a dynamic landscape for making, reflecting, and innovating – a truly inclusive cultural space where students, academia, and the city are invited to gather around shared interests to address the issues of the future.”

A Gateway to the University

The new library is envisioned to serve as a gateway to Manchester Metropolitan University, becoming a focal point for students, staff, and the wider community.

Its central location in the heart of the city ensures that it will be easily accessible to all, reinforcing Manchester’s reputation as a choice destination for students.

Learning and Innovation

As Manchester Metropolitan University’s library plans progress, the city is poised to embrace another iconic addition to its ever-evolving skyline.

This project not only represents the commitment of the university to providing a modern and dynamic campus but also underlines Manchester’s status as a vibrant and evolving city that values education, culture, and progress.

As the planning application moves forward, we eagerly anticipate the day when the Manchester skyline welcomes this new landmark.

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