Love From is redefining social experiences in Manchester with non-alcoholic fun

Experience the future of socialising in Manchester with Love From, an innovative alcohol-free pop-up bar in Kampus.

Join Karl Considine in redefining fun and flavour in a vibrant, inclusive, and booze-free community.

Get ready for a groundbreaking alcohol-free experience in the heart of Manchester as Love From, a unique pop-up bar, takes residence in Kampus from October 12th to 22nd.

A Refreshing Alternative to Traditional Drinking Options

Founded by Karl Considine, the host and founder of the ‘What Next’ podcast, this innovative concept promises a series of alcohol-free events designed for those who are seeking alternatives to traditional drinking options, whether they are off the booze, sober-curious, or simply looking to broaden their horizons.

A Personal Journey Towards Sobriety

Karl Considine, a dedicated Alcohol Change UK (ACUK) Ambassador, brings his personal journey to life through Love From.

He said: “This year I started working with Alcohol Change UK as I wanted to feel like I was taking an active role in the alcohol free / mindful drinking movement.

“Drinking became a problem for me, a really serious problem, I hope that by working with charities like ACUK and by opening up an alcohol-free bar, I can influence perceptions about drinking and show people that they have a choice and it doesn’t mean missing out.

“I wish I had done something about my drinking sooner, I don’t live in regret but if what I am doing can help others avoid my situation, then that’s a job well done to me.”

Creating a Vibrant, Alcohol-Free Space

After leaving behind a 15-year corporate career, he has been sober for over two and a half years and is now embarking on this exciting venture.

Considine describes Love From as a “passion project,” aiming to create a vibrant space where people can connect and enjoy a bar-like atmosphere without alcohol.

We sat down to talk with them about their new venture, and the rise in popularity of sober nights out.

Karl said: “When I was drinking before I got sober, I spent a lot of my time socialising at night in bars and clubs.

“I had a lot of fun.

“Towards the end not so much fun but I have always loved nightlife and going out.

“It’s crazy to me that if you stop drinking, for whatever reason, going out suddenly becomes hard.

“Either because other people aren’t comfortable around non-drinkers, or the drink options are just rubbish, or everyone around you is drunk which can be hard to deal with if you are not drinking!

“So to me, it feels like a no-brainer to have space that isn’t fuelled by booze where people can still go out and have fun!

“Especially in Manchester given we have such an amazing scene.

The Rise of Sobriety

“Interestingly I have had people from all walks of life getting in touch – sober people, sober curious, drinkers that just want something different, people with health conditions, people affected by someone else in their life who drinks too much, people with certain religious beliefs, lots of younger people – there is such a huge pull for this!”

Here are I Love Manchester’s best shouts for a great sober night out in the city.

An Exciting Menu of Non-Alcoholic Options

The Love From pop-up will feature a diverse range of interactive events over the two-week period, including a tasting masterclass with Lyres, an alcohol-free spirit brand, and an art workshop and cocktail tasting led by Manchester artist Caroline Dowsett.

These events will provide a platform for guests to explore the world of alcohol alternatives and savour the flavours of carefully crafted non-alcoholic beverages.

Karl said he had chosen Lyre’s as a partner because they had a wide selection of delicious alcohol-free spirits.

He described the class as being both fun and informal, providing participants with the opportunity to learn how to incorporate Lyre’s spirits into a variety of drinks.

Some of these drinks could serve as alternatives to classic cocktails like a G&T or a Rum & Coke, while others might be creative cocktails.

By guiding people through the masterclass, he explained that it aimed to teach them how to develop flavours in non-alcoholic beverages, enabling them to replicate the experience at home if they so desired.

Speaking about the rise in people going sober, Karl told us that he had also noticed the growing trend of sobriety.

He said: “I have seen it more and more as I have been building Love From.

“Nearly every conversation I have about this now usually ends up in someone saying they want to try more or wish there was more to do for sober days and nights out.

“There has also been a huge increase in events in Manchester, there are a few different sober social groups and I have been to a few sober raves in Manchester this year too!

“Attitudes have also changed massively since the pandemic.

“If you think about it, the whole world experienced the biggest health crisis of modern times – for lots of people that resulted in an evaluation of our health and how we are living, including drinking.

“I have read that the crisis prompted 34% of people to reduce their consumption.

“Also – 24% of young people aged 18 to 25 don’t drink at all – so that is purely generational.”

Love From will offer a variety of non-alcoholic beer and ale options, including lager on draught.

In addition to this, they have a classy cocktail menu featuring eight creative concoctions for patrons to choose from.

The inspirations for these cocktails include inventive takes on beloved classics, flavours associated with autumn, and possibly some that are inspired by the city of Manchester.

The exact details will remain a surprise until you visit and explore for yourself.

Community Focus and Collaboration

What sets Love From apart is its strong community focus.

Considine is thrilled to have the support of Manchester’s pre-existing alcohol-free community, with organisations like Sober Girl Society, So Let’s Talk, and Manchester Pride hosting events such as mixers, open mic nights, and a queer film screening during the pop-up’s duration.

Karl said he loved the work of Sober Girl Society.

“At a Sober Girl Society mixer, people will typically get a free welcome drink, a goody bag but most importantly, an evening of socialising in a room full of like-minded souls!

“I think community is such an important aspect of this movement, bringing people together and normalising these new behaviours and lifestyle choices is a great way to build momentum.

“When brands like SGS and Love From collaborate we impact more people and given our purposes were just very aligned – it was another no-brainer!”

This collaboration showcases the dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

Love From’s core mission revolves around community building and offering top-quality non-alcoholic drink options.

The pop-up aims to challenge the misconception that alcohol-free experiences are dull by providing an exciting and creative setting for patrons to enjoy.

A Vision Beyond the Pop-Up

Considine envisions Love From as more than just a temporary pop-up; he plans to gather feedback from guests and seek a permanent space to create something extraordinary for the Manchester community.

As the countdown begins for Love From’s exciting pop-up in Kampus, mark your calendars for October 12th to 22nd.

Whether you’re seeking a refreshing alternative to alcohol or simply looking for a unique social experience, Love From promises to be a must-visit destination in Manchester.

Join Karl Considine and his team in celebrating a vibrant, alcohol-free community where fun, flavour, and creativity reign supreme.

You can check out what’s going on via their Instagram by clicking here


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