If you’re jetting off to Madrid or Barcelona or Milan to catch some late summer sunshine this weekend, you’re not going to like this very much.

If you’re staying at home, prepare for some good news.

The average temperature in Manchester at this time of year is around 17°C. In Madrid it’s a toasty 26°C.

But every so often, thanks to some weather anomaly, Manchester is hotter than Madrid. According to the weather forecast, that’s set to happen tomorrow.

In fact, Manchester is set to be hotter than lots of European hotspots this weekend, with a forecast temperature of 24°C on Saturday afternoon – a whopping 75°F in old money.

That’s hotter than Madrid (22°C), Barcelona (22°C), Milan (21°C) and even Istanbul (20°C).

And the warm weather is set continue for the rest of the week with temperatures around 18°C.

We’re not sure what’s causing the Indian summer. You’ll have to ask to ask a weather forecaster like Owain Wyn Evans about that. We’re just grateful for it.

So get the Factor 30 and the barbie out and make the most of it. Because the forecast for Sunday is for thundery showers.

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