These days nearly everyone has created an Instagram account for their pet. Some people, we swear, have even named their pups based on what will sound good on their Instagram handle.

Why are we so obsessed with seeing our pets on our feeds? Who knows. What we do know, however, is that to be king on Instagram you need to have great content. And there’s no better way to get great content than to go on a photo shoot with a professional photographer.

For any aspiring doggy influencers out there, sit up and take note – because Manchester dogs and their owners are being offered a free photoshoot this Saturday in celebration of national walk the dog day.

Manchester dogs can get a free photo shoot this weekend I Love Manchester

It’s the perfect opportunity to get some cute snaps of your pupper. And who knows, it could even launch their influencer career.

Taking place at Angel Meadows, next to Meadowside, owners can take their pups down to the park for a morning full of frolicking fun.

There will be plenty of free coffee from Swan Song Coffee, and free dog biscuits for your dog too.

Vegan Poochy Treats will also be there selling their handmade dog treats. These range from dehydrated sweet potato chews to carob cookies (made with oats, banana and carob) and are all completely vegan.

Manchester dogs can get a free photo shoot this weekend I Love Manchester

The aim of the day is to encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the day and the park.

Taking place from 9am-12pm on Saturday 22nd February, attendance at the doggy meet up and photoshoot is completely free.

There will be a professional photographer on hand to capture those angles, and at the end, you will receive adorable photos completely free to treasure.

Photoshoots must be booked through email at

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