Manchester’s nightclub scene is forever in flux. Places come and go, but some leave a lasting impact. One such after-dark institution is Funkademia. Although its not as commercial as The Hacienda, it’s been going strong for 21 years and that’s something to get excited about.

Funkademia’s DJs rip up the dance floor in town every Saturday night with five hours of pure disco, soul, funk, hip-hop and classic house. Think Grandmaster Flash meets old school Dr. Dre meets the hottest new-released RnB beats. They’ve entertained revellers with their impressive funk mixes and old school hip-hop tunes that kept the party popping long into the night. According to club night mastermind Dave Payne, Funkademia set out to ‘chronicle the history of soul’ and that’s exactly what it did. 21 years later, it’s still quality.

If you’ve not heard it through the grapevine, to celebrate their 21st birthday (yep, it’s a big one), Funkademia are jetting their fans, followers and lovers of funk off to an Ibiza paradise retreat called Cala Vadella beach.

Nowhere does sunset chilling like Cala Vadella’s strip of mellow cafés and white sand shore. After you’ve dropped off your bags and freshened up, grab a drink and head straight to the pool. Float away your worries to the vibes of a laid back reggae party. The kind where you nap in the sun while a DJ turns up the beats.

Manchester does Ibiza: Funkademia is taking revellers to The White Isle I Love Manchester

Afterward we’d recommend heading straight to the beach to savour the panorama of sheer cliffs and deep blue water. Feel the sand between your toes as you set up your beach towel and tanning station. Tan to your heart’s content, until you’re sun kissed bronze (or, in most cases, lobster red).

It’s in the lazy Spanish afternoon sun that the Funkademia team really get their funk on.

From around 3pm, resident DJ’s perform by the pool and on the beach, pumping out a variety of shakin’ funk, electric disco, classic R&B and sweet soul music. The hardiest of revellers keep things going all night long then watch the sun rise the next morning.

Tickets are already 70% sold out so if you don’t want to miss this soul funk fiesta, get your tickets sharpish.

Puerto Cala Vadella, Ibiza, Wednesday 17th May – Sunday 21st May 2017. For more info and to buy tickets visit Hip shakers and party makers welcome.

Manchester does Ibiza: Funkademia is taking revellers to The White Isle I Love Manchester

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