In February 2017, six year old Blaise Nelson was diagnosed with brain tumours around his stem and inside his brain. His devastated parents, Rachel and Chris Nelson (aka legendary club DJ Chris Jam of the Jam MCs), dropped everything to look after him.

Little did they know that a year on they would find themselves is such financial difficulties that they would be forced to eat their son’s uneaten hospital food to survive.

After the diagnosis of this rare brain cancer, Blaise underwent surgery followed by 12 weeks of gruelling chemotherapy and 25 sessions of intense radiotherapy.

He is now being monitored and experts are working on how best to treat Blaise after discovering that the cancer has spread to his spine.

His dad Chris and top DJ Tomlyn have rallied together an impressive group of fellow deck masters to help raise funds to help Blaise and his family through this difficult time. They’re aiming to bring the city and unforgettable evening of top dance classic, old and new.

With the help of BBC cameraman Mark Hilton and Steve Dobson (Connie’s Acid House Party), they have devised a Come Together Manchester charity night which will see some of the city’s top DJs join forces, for one night only, to raise funds for the family and Ward 84 of the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH).

So far the line-up features Manchester’s finest DJs going back over 40 years of dance music culture, including Suddi Raval, Hardcore Uproar, Mark XTC-Mix Factory, and Darren Partington (808 State, Jam MCs and Disco Mums).

Since the operation, Blaise’s parents, along with Blaise’s little sister Asha (aged four), have witnessed Blaise’s once irrepressible energy, spark and smile take a cruel blow. Although Blaise is currently stable, he is still in critical care and his many tumours are being managed rather than cured.

The family, who live in Didsbury, have experienced first-hand the outstanding care, love and skill of the RMCH’s medical teams and volunteers. This is what has inspired the family to also raise funds for Ward 84 at the hospital where Blaise has spent most of his life as an inpatient.

“I put the call out to my brothers in the scene and I have been blown away with the response,” says Chris.

“So many great names have agreed to come on board. This event is out way to build some funds, give back to the hospital and also raise awareness for childhood cancer.

“Blaise is staying strong and continues to amaze us all with his courage. Our little man is being so brave and centred in the midst of this bewildering storm.”

Come Together Manchester will be taking place on Saturday 20th April, Bank Holiday weekend, at Tribeca Club in Manchester.

If you are unable to attend the event, or dance music isn’t your thing, you can still purchase a donation ticket via the same link. 20% of net profits will be donated to RMCH and the rest to Blaise Nelson and his family.

Find out more on the Come Together Facebook page.


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