It’s true. Manchester has no shortage of good drinks. But, some drinks are better than others. Some are so special, so memorable, symbolic, or downright delicious that they’re beyond good. They’re bucket list worthy. The kind of drinks you absolutely have to try before you die. Or just leave Manchester altogether.

For those of you who know your Manhattans from your Martinis and Pina Coladas from your Porn Stars, here’s our picks of the best cocktails in the city, just in time for May 13th – World Cocktail Day.

So get out there and try them. Probably not all in one go though.

1Polski Pear – Arcane

2Judge Fudge – The Liquor Store

3Porn Star Martini – Dusk Til Pawn

4Apprentice Manhattan – The First Floor Bar, Cane & Grain

5Rasberri Flosssi – The Laundrette

6The Golden Thicket – Wood and Co.

7Mercado – El Capo

8Martini Royal – The Milton Club

9Espresso Martini – King Street Townhouse

10Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – The Alchemist

11Bajan Persuasion – Cloud 23

12Furry Cup – Behind Closed Doors

Keep an eye out for the newest cocktail bar to hit Manchester. Behind Closed Doors is hidden behind a closed door (no surprise there then) and down a narrow stairway lies this drinking den of debauchery and indulgence which opens later this week. This sleek, sexy and downright sleazy throwback bar is one of those that has to be visited to be appreciated. Order yourself a Furry Cup, a mix of Absolute Kurant Vodka, Gifford Creme De Mure, lemon, egg white and white peach and shaken hard for a foamy top. If you’re feeling kinky, maybe try the 50 Shades of Earl Grey.


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