Mancunians with a huge appetite for life are being urged to take part in a stomach-churning challenge.

For TV 21, Manchester’s original [& best] Americana and Tex-Mex eatery in the Northern Quarter, has laid down the mother of all food gauntlets with a Manc v Food challenge on Tuesday, June 11.

“we’re are not responsible for people spontaneous combustion…”

Based on the infamous TV show (Man v. Food), the TV themed bar restaurant is calling for a dozen volunteers to munch their monster burger.

Normally made for four to share, the gut-buster special is 30cm tall and contains 1kg of burger patties plus onion rings, hash browns, eggs, bacon, cheese, mustard, mayo and salad! There’s also a hearty helping of hand-cut chips on the side and Texas red chili.

You’d also normally have to finish the lot to reap any reward, but on June 11, we’re weighing the leftovers and announcing runners up.

Challengers get a bottle of Budweiser on arrival while they’re waiting to be called up. The winners get both a TV21, I heart Manchester t-shirt and the burger for free. All are welcome to cheer their food heroes on at the event which starts at 7pm.

Said TV 21’s Adrienne: “now we’re associated with the I Love Manchester website, we want to hear from Mancunians who think they’re Manc enough to beat our burger!

“It promises to be a fun night for all and a full night for our 12 challengers”.

Terms and conditions: TV21 or event organisers are not responsible for people spontaneously combusting, nor health conditions nor any stains on your clothing.

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