It’s trick or treat for Mancunians with a monster appetite this Halloween as TV21 launches its scariest Manc v. Food competition.

For the original Americana and Tex-Mex eatery in the Northern Quarter has created a special ‘Monster Mash-Up’ meal guaranteed to frighten even the biggest foodies.

Based on the infamous TV show, the TV themed bar restaurant is calling for a dozen volunteers to take up the spooky food challenge onThursday, October 31.

The gut-buster Monster Mash-Up special will be 30cm tall and contain 2lbs of burger patties plus onion rings, hash browns, eggs, bacon, cheese, mustard, mayo and salad! There’s also a hearty helping of hand-cut chips on the side and Texas red chili.

“This is probably the scariest meal on the planet so we need volunteers with a monster appetite to take part!”

The last time the popular venue hosted a Manc v. Food event it was the grub that won, leaving many contestants looking as white as ghosts and leaving like zombies.

Make a Meal of Halloween with a MONSTER CHALLENGE – Manc v. Food I Love Manchester

“It’s not an event for the faint-hearted and this Halloween the ‘Monster Mash-Up’ will be even bigger than before,” said Rene, TV21’s Head Chef.

“But if you think you have a ghost of a chance, then it would be ghoulish not to enter and we can guarantee spooky fun for all.”

The winners get their £30 back, a good burping and all are welcome to cheer their food heroes on at the event which starts at 7pm.

“…come along and egg on the challengers before they slip into a food coma…”

Said TV21’s Adrienne: “This is probably the scariest meal on the planet so we need volunteers with a monster appetite to take part!

“On top of either taking part or just cheering on your mates, we’re also offering some fantastic prizes for the best halloween costume & the best spooki-oke (karaoke)”.

Even if you don’t fancy taking on the monster burger yourself, come along for a drink on the house and egg on the challengers before they slip into a food coma…


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