Lunchtimes tend to be either a pleasure or a drag. In our experience there’s not really much wiggle room in between.

Yes, we all love to luxuriate over a long lunch at the weekend, but, come the middle of the week when you’ve only got an hour to get your scran in, it’s so much easier to scoff a pre-packaged supermarket meal deal at your desk than head to a local restaurant for a proper meal.

Now First Street favourite The Laundrette Manchester has come to the rescue with Quick Wash, a new  lunch menu that guarantees great value and a good feed, too.

Love lunchtimes again with The Laundrette's new quick wash menu I Love Manchester

Keeping it punny as usual, you can enjoy a load of brilliant main courses (‘full loads’) with half a pint of beer, a small glass of house wine or bottomless soft drink for a cheap-as-chips £8.

Delicious options include classics like truffle mac n cheese and The Laundrette’s 4oz cheeseburger and fries, plus vegan sweet and sour aubergine steak and fries, basil and buffalo mozzarella pizza and more.

Or, if you’re feeling extra Hank Marvin, opt for a starter too for a mere extra £4 and make your meal go further with some BBQ wings, marinated olives, a garlic bread or hummus and flatbread.

Running between 12 and 4pm Monday – Friday, do yourself a favour and inject some love back into your lunchtimes.

That liminal hour is your time to enjoy. Make the most of it.